The Real Pro-Choice Argument

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Shain Slepian


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Now that I am in the business of telling leftists what their arguments ought to be, I think it’s only fair for me to descend from on-high to explain the best possible pro-choice argument from a completely factual and indisputable point of view.

Shortly after the Dobbs decision, I wrote this story, expressing my heartbreak and anger and fears in the immediate fallout of what I saw as a terrifying rollback in human rights. I poured by pain and rage into my words — the death, the agony, the humiliation were all I could think about.

Of course, as time has moved on, the energy has waned. Even the most passionate protesters have had to change the focus of their attention several times just to keep up with the newest crisis of any given moment. Conversations and debates in public forums have become cool and philosophical, as if it were all a very engaging theoretical question…

I digress.

The point is, watching pro-choice debaters try to respond to their anti-choice interlocutors has become a deeply frustrating sport for me. A pastime really, like trying to play with my cat even though I know she will immediately try to open my jugular vein.

I must reiterate the sentiments I expressed over a year ago: this is cataclysmic, it is violent and grotesque, and it cannot be debated away. Debate, especially on the online left, has become a mediocre public relations move, and I see little evidence that the smarmy white guys smirking at Tim Poole are going to be as effective as taking to the streets and disturbing business as usual.

But if you are going to argue with Tim Poole, or any other half-informed content creator with no beliefs, I want you to do it wisely. The pro-choice position is a delicate one, and while I believe in it fully (probably farther than most), it is very easy to fumble when an anti-choice person gets up on their moral high-horse.

And so, here are my suggestions.

Arguments to Drop

First of all, for the love of god, forget any argument having to do with “exceptions.” These include the health and safety of the mother and pregnancy in cases of rape or incest. While these are crucial reasons we need to have…



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