Waiting for a punchline

If I could synthesize my essence into a single phrase, I think it would be “well, this is awkward.”

Irony and authenticity are always tugging my brain in different directions. …

The best “crazy guy on a train” experience I ever had

I had the most fascinating subway experience today. Terrifying, but fascinating.

I walk on the A train at 59th, and I have to stand against the connecting doors by this Hispanic man who’s slumped back in someone’s arms, his knees taking up the entire aisle I’m attempting to occupy, clearly…

Thoughts on Bo Burnham’s Special, “Inside”

The experience of watching Inside a second time was rougher than the first. I saw it for the first time with my cool younger brother, the person who introduced me to Burnham’s work in the first place. …

Review of Episode 4, Season 8: “Testimony”

I have a lot of complicated feelings about season four of this show, and this episode has only made that apprehension worse. When I turned on season four episode eight of The Handmaid’s Tale, entitled “Testimony,” I did so with anticipation for exactly one thing. …

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

I’m a writer, so naturally I hate writing.

This is a common joke I make when I tell people what I do. And I usually get at least a smirk of understanding from whomever I am speaking to.

For many, the strongest association people draw with writers is our chronic…

And I’m not sorry

Months and months ago, I wrote an article about Elliot Page coming out as trans called “Losing Lesbians”. I got a decent reception to this article, with one person even reaching out to me through my website to ask if they could translate and publish the article in Turkish.


I'm non-binary: this was already personal

Why I wrote a book about screenwriting

As some of you have kindly noticed, I recently published my first eBook, Reframing The Screenwriting Process on Kindle!

It’s exciting to feel like I have accomplished such a concrete thing — even if its a short, simple read.

There I go, ready to diminish the accomplishment. My, how quick…

Yup, it really gets me me down when people pose a threat to my safety. The political correctness of me being able to be who I am without fear of violence or discrimination is not something you can reasonably expect someone to be cool-headed about. You can't logic yourself out of bigotry, you can only fight it.

How Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette affected me

I was going through some drafts of stories I had begun writing earlier in the year. Some are several ‘minutes’ long, others are merely a title and subtitle.

One of these stories was four words long:

I’m Back

For Now

Needless to say, I was not “back” from that writing hiatus for long. …

Shain Slepian

Shain is a screenwriter and screenplay editor. For more content, follow their blog and check out their YouTube channel, TimeCapsule.

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